Local, inclusive, open to all

To give our guests a truly immersive experience, we make sure that everything we do is locally sourced, locally inspired, and locally driven. This means buying our vegetables from the local grocer, hiring our staff from the local area, and sharing our success (and our facilities) with the local community. Lief is also LGBTQ friendly and welcomes everyone from everywhere.

In the present

In today’s ever-connected world, it’s far too easy to live on autopilot. Glued to our smartphones, we’re now better at following the crowd (or a G.P.S. robot) than we are at following our hearts. We believe that vacations are an ideal opportunity to bring our minds back to the present and to truly embrace the people and places around us.

Environmentally considerate

We recognise that everything we do has an effect on the world around us. The choice, then, is whether to make this positive or negative. While we still have work to do, Lief is committed to finding a socially and environmentally harmonious way of doing business. This starts at our doorstep and ends on the other side of the planet.