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Will Lief change in the future?

For sure! We still have a long list of great and helpful tools that we wish to integrate to the Lief website and add. However, with our first version we have pretty much covered the basics and we'd like people to start focussing on fewer people who matter more! Additional tools will be released step by step. Besides that, our goal is to release Lief in all major languages for it to become accessible to anyone worldwide. If you wish to help with that, please contact us at

Will the Lief team be able to read my personal messages?

No, they won't. We have a strict policy that ensures all data will be treated with the highest possible degree of confidentiality. On top of that, all messages are stored in encrypted format so that they cannot be read by anyone but yourself and the intended recipients. Encryption is the conversion of data into a form, called a cipher text, which cannot be accessible by unauthorized people and can only be read when a secret key (your password) is used.

Security / Privacy

Do you make backups of the information I add on Lief?

Yes we certainly do. Your data is very important and therefore frequent backups are made and stored in multiple locations.

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What do I need to sign up?

Signing up is extremely easy. You only need to provide your email address, choose a password and you are ready to go! Or you can simply use your Social Media profiles.

How can I delete my account?

At the moment you can't automatically delete your account but we are working on adding this feature soon. But hey.....why would you want to leave? Please do let us know what reasons brought you to change your mind and reconsider being part of Lief.

My Journey

What information does My activities provide?

The journey section provides a summary of the number of messages, files, loved ones and wishes you have added and received. Lief is a confidential tool where you can write your most intimate thoughts without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

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Loved One profiles

Who is a Loved One?

A loved one is simply a person who you feel close to and regard as important in your life. This could be a real" . '"lover"' ."like your boy- or girlfriend, wife or husband but of course it could also be your kids, parents, other family members, neighbors, best cmates, colleagues,.....

Why does Lief use Nick Names for Loved Ones?

When you phone your friends, do you call them using their full name? . On Lief we want to give you the ability to call your Loved Ones like you would normally do in daily life. We therefore enable you to use Nick Names.

Why is there a preferred language field for a Loved One?

If your Loved One is fluent in Spanish would it not be nice if they receive notification in their own language? This is why we added a preferred language field for your Loved One. It enables us to update them in the language they understand best.

I want to add all my friends from Facebook, where can I find the importer?

You can't ;) We are dealing with serious matters and it is very unlikely that you will have hundreds of Loved Ones. Loved Ones are much closer to you than your Facebook friends. On Facebook you will sometimes even have friends you haven't even met yet or even don't know at all! Lief is different. It is dealing with people that are really close to you. Let's limit it to those you care about the most.

General FAQ


Great! We would love to get feedback from you! Regardless whether you live in Africa, Europa, Asia, America or anywhere else. Lief should be suitable and easy to use for everybody and we can only make this happen with the feedback we receive from users. If you have any ideas for improvements, please feel free to contact us at Our project team leaders will constantly be monitoring these messages and stay posted on your feedback.

Lief contains impolite information, how to change this?

We do our best to make Lief available to everyone, regardless of your religion, color of skin, sexual preferences, disabilities, etc. However, we understand that there might be occasions in which a sentence or word used on our site or in our emails might be offending to someone. If you find any kind of inappropriate language, please let us know.

How can I backup all my data?

We backup all data daily. In the future we will add the option to make your own backups.

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