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Be social… in a private way.

Lief is your own private space to have (and save) quality interaction with the people you care about the most. We help you to stay in touch with them, and build up a joint legacy on a real personal level, no matter where they live. Take care of fewer people who matter more.

Lief is where you can be yourself and do not edit yourself to look like what other people expect.

  • As private as you wish

  • Content worth sharing

  • Be yourself

  • Celebrate life

  • Save forever

  • Less is more

In real life you don’t have 800 friends, and you don’t talk in 140 characters. You don’t interact with your parents the same way you do with your best friend, and you don’t share the same things with your lover as you do with your siblings. Therefore, we have prepared a wide range of boutique tools and content to fit each type of relationship in your Circle of Lief. We take the people and things you truly care about serious and give you free access to all our services with a single log in.

Take care of less people who matter more.

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