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In real life, we don’t interact with hundreds of friends every day, nor do we speak in bursts of 140 characters. We don’t interact in the same way with our parents as we do with our best friends. And we certainly don’t share the same things with our siblings that we do with our lovers.

That’s why we’ve created a series of boutique tools tailored to make it easier to interact with your LovedOnes, depending on the type of relationship you share. Your Lief login is all you need to access a wide range of Lief Tools that allow you to stay in touch and deepen your relationships with those who you care about the most.

A private way to be social

Lief is your private corner of the internet where you can focus on interacting with the 12 people you care about the most.

Be real at Lief

Lief is where you don't need to edit yourself to meet the expectations of others. Express what you feel — not what everyone else wants you to share.

Keep your Lief moments forever

Lief is like a memory vault for the moments you’ll want to remember years down the road. Your Circle of Lief will help you relive all those moments.

One Login, dozens of services

We have created over 50 services to suit the needs of you and your LovedOnes. You may access all of them for free using your Lief login.

Lief is as private as you wish

Your personal information is stored securely on our server, along with everything that you share. We ensure that this information is kept private.

Moments worth sharing

There has never been a better time to stay in touch with your LovedOnes. We’ll help you share the most important moments, emotions, and stories using a tailored set of Lief Tools.


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